Life Care Planning


Helping to Navigate the Natural Progression of Aging

At the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., we offer Elder Care Coordination to a select and limited group, ensuring you or your loved one will never be just a number or patient chart. Our clients have worked hard their entire lives and it is our pleasure to help them enjoy their golden years.

What is Life Care Planning?


Life Care Planning is a holistic, elder-centered approach to the practice of law that helps families respond to challenges caused by chronic illness or disability of an elderly loved one.  At the heart is a Life Care Plan which defines, organizes, prioritizes, and mobilizes every aspect of an elder’s care.  Our goal is to make sure that the elder receive appropriate care, locate private and public resources to help pay for long-term care and offer peace of mind that results in the right choices to ensure the loved ones are safe and getting the right care while preserving family resources.

The goal of Life Care Planning is to promote and maintain the good health, safety and well-being, and quality of life of elders and their families.  Elders and their families get access to a wider variety of options for care as well as knowledgeable guidance from a team of compassionate advisors who strive to help them make the best choices about every aspect of their loved one’s well being.  

Who Needs an Elder Care Coordinator?

An Elder Care Coordinator can help identify present and potential future care needs, locate appropriate care, and strive to ensure high-quality care.  This approach relies less on crisis-oriented transactions and more on the development of on-going relationships with families.

FAQ’s about Elder Care Coordination

How Is Elder Care Coordination 
Different from Guardianship?

In Elder Care Coordination, decision-making remains with the person. An Elder Care Coordinator is simply an experienced advisor who can assist in the daily questions that arise as we age.  Elder Care Coordination involves responding to a wide range of issues including medical, social, legal, financial, housing, family and personal needs.

What Is Elder Care Coordination?

Elder Care Coordination is a profession dedicated to assisting elderly people and their families by developing plans for long-term care, as well as living arrangements. Elder Care Coordination also involves assessment of needs, coordination, and management of daily and long-term support services.

Is Elder Care Coordination Affordable?

Although Elder Care Coordination
services are typically paid at an hourly rate, most families find that the service is invaluable. Not only can an Elder Care Coordinator save your family time and frustration by tending to everyday needs, but an Elder Care Coordinator is often able to save the client thousands of dollars in other areas by reducing hospitalization costs through continuous medical monitoring and guidance toward the appropriate resources for financial and estate planning.

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