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East Coast Elder Law

At the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., in Melbourne, Florida, we understand how deeply personal elder law planning matters are for our clients. Our law firm is devoted to welcoming clients into a comfortable environment to discuss elder care planning concerns.

Our goal is to help seniors remain independent for as long as possible, while meticulously protecting assets and creating a long-term plan to maintain a rich quality of life and obtain the best care that our clients are entitled to receive throughout their senior years.

Estate Planning

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Directives

Life Care Planning

  • Elder Care Coordination


  • Formal Administration
  • Ancillary Probate
  • Trust Administration

Public Benefits

  • Medicaid Planning
  • Veterans Benefits 


“Amy Van Fossen and Tyler Runte were extremely kind in helping our family with elder care legal issues. The firm is diverse in the lawyers that practice there. Questions are answered in a timely manner, and they ensure you are comfortable and confident in their knowledge. I would highly recommend the firm!”

– Deidre 


“I came to this firm for direction and planning for both my father and my estate. The professionalism and interaction we received was above and beyond what we expected. The follow-up and communication was greatly appreciated.”

– Greg


“Estate planning and end of life discussions often times are unpleasant and uncomfortable; however this was not the case when working with the Law Office of Amy B.VanFossen. Amy, Tyler and Chris made sure to answer all of our questions, followed up to make sure we understood everything and were professional, kind and patient. I will definitely recommend this law office not only to family and friends, but to anyone seeking an outstanding attorney!!”

– Mark and Robin

“We have been very pleased with our choice of the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A. as the firm to handle our business affairs for our remaining years. The firm’s creativity in resolving several issues has been much appreciated. We feel we chose the best firm possible for our needs and comfort for the remainder of our lives.”

– Carl and Sharon

“The loss of our brother came at a very difficult time. To complicate matters further he had not taken the necessary legal steps for his passing. Hostile friends, family members, no will and the virus pandemic created a need for compassionate and expert legal assistance. The office of Amy Van Fossen, her paralegal Jennifer Sanchez and staff filled that need very well. Ms Sanchez’s expert legal assistance and compassionate support are indispensable in the process of bringing this difficult situation to an expected close.”

– Larry

“I highly recommend using The Law Office of Amy Van Fossen for your probate and estate planning needs! They have been there for me when I really needed it! Amy and Jennifer and the delightful secretaries are true professionals. The comfort and and confidence this law office provides has given me the needed strength to get through this difficult time.”

– Jacob

“A few years ago my Uncle passed away in Florida, leaving my frail Aunt alone in Florida. They had no children to help. As the closest nephew (SC) I hired Amy Van Fossen’s Office to help me and my Aunt put together a Trust and Medical Consent papers. Because she did not want to leave her home state I needed to find a way that I could have her looked after. With the help of Amy Van Fossen’s office, she put me in touch with her Case Management division. My Aunt and I then worked with Rachel McLain to determine my Aunts needs. We agreed to have Rachel check in on my Aunt 3-4 times a week. Rachel had done many things for my Aunt over the next 16 months, including accompanying her to get hearing aids, doing some light shopping, moving her from one apartment to the assisted living facility. Rachel treated Patricia with respect, and honor throughout this time. Rachel and I emailed and texted on a weekly basis. She was responsive and complete in her job. Can’t say enough about Rachel and the Van Fossen team, THE BEST.”

– Steve

“Rachel’s help in coordinating our aunt’s move from Florida to Maine was invaluable! We were in Maine and she was the only person we could count on in Florida to take care of so many details like hiring a moving company, scheduling medical transport to airport, collecting and paying bills and so much more! We couldn’t have done it without her! She truly was a godsend! Thank you for your service.”

– Kris

“Rachel was our case manager for over a year. My brother and sister-in-law were in her expert hands since we were so far away. She was there for our family every step of the way; taking our place when we could not be there and visiting them. Our brother and sister-in-law looked forward to her visits and her cheery, positive attitude. She accompanied them to doctor’s appointments and emergency visits to the hospital, tending to their physical needs and comforting them, while keeping us informed and guiding us through it all. Rachel is a kind, caring and knowledgeable professional. I called Her a “magician”. When we didn’t know who to call, where to turn or how to handle something, she provided us with whatever we needed. She made the impossible happen. She was extremely responsive to our calls and requests. She was with us at my brother’s passing, praying with us and helping us through that painful time. We will always be grateful to her.”

– Paola

“The Law Firm of Amy Van Fossen has proven to be an outstanding source of legal planning and guidance for us as we pursue estate planning. The practice understands the needs of an aging population in central Florida and has made every effort to make the process understandable and easy to follow. The firm also offers a Case Management service led by Rachel McLain that totally removes anticipatory fear of what may happen in an uncertain future. As a result of this law practice’s efforts, we feel that our unique estate planning needs have been met completely. We most highly recommend the Law Firm of Amy Van Fossen for your consideration.”

– Leonard & Roberta

“To put into two sentences how much this firm and Margot have done for me and my parents is a difficult task at best. Working with Margot has been a dream. She is very informative and NEVER once did I feel like my questions or concerns were ridiculous or even inconsequential. I feel very blessed to have worked and continue to work with Margot and others in this firm. Thank you!”

– Sherry

“Just wanted to thank everyone at the office for all the great work they did on my case !!! The Quality and Professional work was over and above what I expected!!! Thank you again for the Great and Timely response I was provided!!! With Respect”

– Tom

“From my first meeting with Ms. Van Fossen until the close of probate, the members of her firm were always available to answer any of my questions as they guided me through the court procedures for my brother’s estate. They were always patient with my many questions about my responsibilities as administrator. They helped me coordinate the proper way to sell his house and for shared dispersal of all of his assets to myself and my siblings who live out of state. I am grateful for their support from the beginning to the end of probate process.”

– Eileen

“Very satisfied with their service and professionalism …”

– Robert Ricker

“I definitely recommend this law form!!! I recently had a situation where I thought I may need to file probate for my Mom’s estate in both Florida and North Carolina. I interfaced with Jennifer S. She spoke with Amy and instead of simply taking my money and filing in Florida, they researched it a bit and got me in touch with a lawyer in North Carolina who is handling everything. Amy and her staff are true professionals. They treated me with respect, were always friendly and cordial and my experience has been very positive. In this day and age, it is refreshing to find a firm that does the right thing instead of automatically trying to sign you up for their services. Kudos to Amy and Jennifer. I will definitely utilize this firm in the future should the need arise.”

– Charlie K

“I had contacted a few different law firms in the Palm Bay area, but none were as honest and precise as the law office of Amy B. Van Fossen. I was unable to meet with them in person because I had to catch a flight the following day, but they were willing to schedule a video conference with me for when I returned home. During the video conference I had realized that this was not just any law firm; it was a caring law firm that understood the pains of going through the probate process while dealing with a loved one’s passing. The bottom line is- they listened. I came to know the many team members that make up this firm all of whom are incredibly efficient at what they do and specialize in. Paralegal Jennifer Sanchez is very communicative through email and phone conversations. Litigation attorney Gregory Schwendeman is extremely knowledgeable; having the ability to work a case from every angle. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of legal assistance in the Melbourne area.”

– Internet Genius

“I was able to quickly get an appointment with the Paralegal Jennifer when my father passed away. She was knowledgeable and responsive in helping me with his estate. I live out of town and she continued to communicate with me via email when I had questions about the settlement process.”

– Paul & Cathy

“I am quite pleased with the excellent service thus far provided by everyone on the Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A. Staff. Beginning with Ms. Van Fossen herself, she exhibits directness, is communicative and understanding. Greeted by Cheryl, at the front desk, is a pleasure; she is upbeat and quite pleasant. Presently, I am working with Geriatric Case Manager, Rachel. Rachel is gracious, efficient, pays attention to crucial details; is indeed, quite capable. I have yet to meet Tyler Runte, Attorney; I look forward to that. Chris, Ashley, Thomas, Margo and the remainder of the Team – yes, these folks appear to work together as a Team – round out the Staff I have had occasion to meet and interact with – likewise, exhibit authenticity. Everyone at the firm engenders trust, is organized, are good listeners, maintaining a sense of humor, an essential ingredient in the midst of this important life’s work. I look forward to engaging, as necessary, with the talented persons comprising this Firm.”

– Ellen

“I’ve used this office personally and professionally. I’ve always been treated quickly with awesome results. I recommend them as often as I can for legal needs!!”

– Tami Leeberg

“This team is incredible! One would be hard-pressed to find another law firm with as much passion for not only their clients, but also their entire community!”

– Tonya Morales

“Extremely professional, east to work with, and very quick to respond to questions and tend to their clients needs. Rachel is great with her clients, and makes sure they are very well taken care of. Highly recommend Amy and her wonderful team!”

– Emily Stevens

“Hello, and THANK YOU so much for your work on this. I can’t tell you how happy and relieved my mother was to get this news.”

– Mike

“You did an excellent job and might not know the huge difference you are making for the two amazing and deserving people my parents are.”

– Sue

The firm: We—our aging mother and her family—have worked with the law office of Amy B. van Fossen for two years. We have benefitted from several of the firm’s elder law services, including estate planning, trust creation, and case management. Along with their expertise, what makes them exceptional are integrity, efficiency, and clarity, all applied with caring and patience. My introductory phone conversation with founder Amy Van Fossen convinced me that this was a mission-driven organization dedicated to their aging clients and the clients’ families. They have made complex and potentially emotional processes as simple and understandable as possible. We are several hundred miles away from our mother in Florida and can only visit occasionally. Having Amy’s team—and the systems and plans they have put in place—on hand and dedicated to her welfare is the best investment we could have made in her wellbeing and our peace of mind. Ms. Rachel McLain, Director of Case Management, has been a godsend to my mother and our family. She has legal awareness as well as broad knowledge of public benefits, care providers, insurance, and the full range of issues and challenges faced by seniors. Her command of these areas, combined with her organization, dedication, effectiveness, and patience, make her the ideal professional to lead this critical function. The case management services were invaluable when we faced a medical situation for which we were not prepared. Like her colleagues at The Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., she is a pleasure to know and work with.”

– Mark

Tyler: One of the services we have received from Amy B. van Fossen is the creation of and updating of all documents relating to my mother’s estate. Ms. Tyler Runte carried out the process with efficiency and expertise. At a reasonable cost and in short order, she took a disjunct collection of outdated documents, some of which were not even valid in the State of Florida, and turned them into a complete and coordinated plan and trust that will greatly simplify the process of disposing of the estate when that difficult day arrives. It’s a comfort to my aging mother and a benefit to her family. The settlement of the estate will be substantially simpler, less time-consuming, and less expensive as a result of Ms. Runte’s work.”

– Mark

Katie: A critical aspect of our aging mother’s care and wellbeing has been the dedicated and watchful help provided by the couple next door. Out of a concern for questions and complications that could arise, should she eventually rely on coverage from Medicaid, our mother was leery of compensating her neighbors, who not only deserved, but would benefit significantly from the income. With a legally sound personal care contract designed by Ms. Katie Jackson Stoltz, she is able to make reasonable but meaningful payments for care that would be many times more expensive if delivered in any other manner. This straightforward and fair arrangement makes all parties happy, including family members like myself, who live too far away to provide this kind of support. Ms. Jackson Stoltz designed and presented this contract to my mother and made it understandable.”

– Mark

Amy: Amy Van Fossen, founder and owner of The Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen P.A., has built an effective and dedicated team on a mission to provide the best possible legal advice and services to seniors and their families. My initial phone conversation with Amy revealed a professional of integrity who is warmhearted but also driven to be the region’s best provider of legal and case management services for seniors. She established the case management wing of her organization out of frustration at witnessing Florida’s seniors too often falling prey to the carelessness or even dishonesty of the host of service providers that has grown up around this potentially vulnerable population. A two-year relationship with her firm has followed, with outstanding results for our mother and all concerned. Amy’s personal passion for the wellbeing of her clients is embodied by every staff member with whom we’ve had contact and is reflected in the outstanding services and results the firm has delivered. The unusual combination elder and estate law services coupled with case management within a single organization gives clients and their families coordinated and complete coverage for the complex and interrelated issues facing seniors. An organization like this doesn’t just happen; it is the result of Amy’s dedication, vision, and leadership.”

– Mark

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What does an elder law attorney do?

An elder law attorney advocates for the needs of the elderly and their families. We focus on helping seniors remain independent as long as possible while carefully protecting assets and assisting in long-term care planning. Our team of professionals is trained to help with veterans’ benefits, estate planning, establishing and funding trusts, legal documents, probate, and more.

Where do you offer services in Florida?

Our experienced elder law attorneys serve in Brevard County & Indian River County, Florida. Contact our law firm at (321) 345-5945 to schedule a consultation or attend a seminar to learn more.

What questions should I ask an elder law attorney?

Hiring a reputable elder law attorney is an important decision. You should feel comfortable with whoever you choose to represent you or your loved one. Don’t be afraid to ask if a lawyer specializes in elder law. Read: Thing to Consider if you Need an Elder Law Attorney to learn more.

What areas of life is an elder law attorney helpful with?

Elder law attorneys help with areas of the law related to the senior aging process. They can help with legal matters currently affecting an older individual, as well as offer legal guidance for what needs may arise in the future. Long-term care planning, estate planning, VA benefits, trusts, case management, and guardian advocacy are all areas where elder law attorneys can be helpful.

Who can work with an elder law attorney?

Since 1965, the Older Americans Act (OAA) has federally protected certain services for senior service, including specialized legal services for older adults. This type of legal assistance can generally be sought by anyone over the age of 60.
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